Descriptions Product Comparison Among Blood Pressure Monitor
80mm 70mm LCD --- EL azure cold backlight

Automatic memory storage for 4users, each containing 31 progressive memories, amounts to 124 memories, each listing date, time, blood pressure reading, and pulse rate. Displays location of blood pressure with use of classified light-up guide

Displays location of blood pressure within WHO blood pressure standards with use of 4 color light-up guide

Fully re-stickable cloth, ergonomics design and easy to wrap, fit and comfortable, and unlimited area of sticking and fastening. Wrapping range up to diameter of 8-14

Built-in storage compartment for cuff.
Mute mode
Low voltage warning.
Power supply 1. DC 1.5V Battery 4
  2. AC Adapter(Input AC-110V Output DC-6V)